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Journal [23 Aug 2004|05:54pm]
This is my first journal project. These are only my favorite pages, but there are many more in the whole journal.

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the scent of a summer rain is in the air [04 Aug 2004|01:40am]
A few hours ago I was confined to my home, but now that my mother is in bed fast asleep, I am free. While confined, it rained, rained prettier than I could've ever imagined. And I was confined. When the rain stopped, she went to bed.

Slowly opening the back door, pulling on it slowly so I don't wake my mother, I step outside. The wet back porch carresses my feet and toes; the sound of the door closing behind me was forgotten in an instant. The smell of a summer rain lingers in my nose, staining my senses as I take that first breath.

Stepping down, my feet reach the wet grass, the grass is tall, wrapping around my feet like a blanket. I run across the street, spinning a bit, running towards a big puddle I have my eye on. I jump in, full force, water cascading up my legs, soaking my calves. I kick my legs around, splashing the water around, not caring about the car that drives by giving me a weird look. It's two a.m. and I'm jumping around in puddles. I'm enjoying myself.

Running back to my house, I wish the rain would fall on me, each tiny droplet reaching my head like a thousand little kisses. I skip to the pine tree, and bouncing underneath it and reaching up for the branch, I grab it and shake it. Each little drop of water releasing itself from the pine needles and fall gently to my head. They soak through my shirt and run down my face. Some slide down my back, chilling me, making me shiver slightly.

Slowly, I realise I am done and I return inside, forever waiting for the next cloudy night to go out and dance with the rain.

One day I will tango, waltz and salsa, ballet dance, cha cha and tap dance with the rain, one day.
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Rockport Massachusetts [22 Jul 2004|12:12pm]
My mum, sister and I took a day trip to Rockport Massachusetts. It is a beautiful town and I encourage everyone who either leaves somewhere near or is visiting the area to take a look.

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UnseelieCourt.net [09 Jul 2004|12:10pm]
My website has all my polaroids and a couple of my peices of writing. I am adding more currently. Please look and tell me what you think!

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